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We are passionate about helping women in becoming increasingly active, healthy and vibrant.  


Physiotherapist performing compassionate and discrete assessment in a clean and spacious room.

When it comes to matters affecting the function and performance of your pelvic floor trust our highly trained and specialized physiotherapy team. We are passionate about creating an empowering environment through compassionate care, strong communication and education. 


Contemporary and Progressive Pilates classes.

Pilates is a full body, low impact workout that can help you build strength, flexibility and alignment, and improve function across all ranges of capability.  From a new mother, recovering from childbirth to competitive athletes, Pilates can assist in your journey to improving movement and performance. 


Gentle and relaxing cervical spine and neck massage

Our multi-disciplinary team offers Registered Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Care, Osteopathy, Personal Training & Group Fitness, and Nutrition. Our experienced practitioners are keen to work together to help you reach your personal rehabilitation and healthcare goals.

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