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Creating pathways to care for members of our community that might otherwise lack the resources to access care on their own. 

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The HW subsidy program is designed for those members of our community who demonstrate need across three criteria and don't have access to other funding resources to support their ongoing care. To access subsidized rates patients must complete the application form below and meet the following conditions:

a. Practitioner identified need for care and ongoing treatment. 

b. No access to private insurance coverage

c. Need for financial assistance


HW Physio and related service prices are fixed and applicable irrespective of a patient's condition, insurance plan or financial standing. We are proud to include a limited number of patients into this program but can not accept all applications. If your application is denied and you would like to appeal your case please contact our managing partner Travis Wing via email at

Care First Subsidy Program Application

Thank you! We will review your application and will confirm the results of your application within 48 hours. 

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The "Care First" Promise

Before anything else, our owners are passionate clinicians. We are in this business as a means to see our vision for quality patient care be brought to life, without compromise, in the city of Ottawa. Our promise is that our patients will receive top quality, hands on, personal service each time they visit HW. No machines, no non-sense, just high level care and complete rehab solutions. If ever you have a question of concern, please reach out to an owner directly. We area available and on site daily and would be happy to chat with you any time. 

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