Concussion Management

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Traumatic  Brain Injury

Suffering a traumatic brain injury is a scary circumstance in anyone's life. The impending discomfort, dysfunction and uncertainty is extremely stressful.  Don't feel you need to manage it on your own. The proper treatment of concussions and post concussion symptoms can save you tremendous amounts of long term pain and suffering. We have a team of highly experienced and trained practitioners that will put your mind at ease and get your brain back in business as quickly and safely as possible.

Often times, clients wonder what a physiotherapist  could possibly do to accelerate recovery from a concussion.  That's a complicated question and definitely varies on a case by case basis but generally speaking, when someone experiences a brain injury, it is possible that the brain 's normal ability to make sense of the the world around it can be damaged and distorted. In many cases, this inability to properly interpret movement, sound and visual stimuli puts excessive strain on the brain that leads to exacerbated symptoms and frequent setbacks in recovery. A properly trained physiotherapist can help you isolate your brain's specific areas of disequilibrium and retrain it to a point where it can regain full function. 

If you or someone you know are experiencing signs and symptoms of post concussion symptoms, we strongly suggest you seek out an experienced physiotherapist as soon as possible. 


In the ever expanding field of concussion management, we have found tremendous value in having a proactive, comprehensive plan for managing head injuries. Specifically, we have come to see tremendous value in having this plan in place before a head injury occurs. Time and time again, we have seen reactive approaches to concussion symptom treatment fall flat. Too often, head injuries are mismanaged or neglected in their early stages. This tends to compound the issues often resulting in extended symptoms and recovery outcomes. CCMI offers a robust set of tools and services that proactively equip clients to respond immediately and effectively (based on the most recent research) whenever a head injury occurs. The CCMI trained team here are HW Physio is ready and eager to help walk you through the process. Given the misfortune of a head trauma, we are also trained and equipped to help walk you through the management of symptoms, rehabilitation of the injuries and the return to learn and return to activity determinations following your recovery. 

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