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Hello, my name is Sara Quiring and I am a certified Lymphedema / Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist at HW Physio. My educational background includes an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology (2007) and a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy (2009) at McMaster University. I am certified to perform acupuncture and dry needling through the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute. I am also a certified lymphedema therapist through the Klose Training Consultants and accredited by the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA). I continue to keep up to date on new manual therapy techniques and skills training through continuing education courses, particularly oncology and orthopedic courses. I believe professional development and knowledge transfer is very important and therefore have taken on the role of educator as a clinical supervisor for physiotherapy students throughout my years of practice.

I have worked in several different locations so far, giving me opportunities to learn more about my profession, gain more skills, and learn more about what people want and need with respect to physical health. Some of the places I have had the privilege of working at are Vancouver General Hospital, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver, CCBRT Hospital and Doctors @ Masaki International Clinic in Tanzania East Africa, Quality Care Sports Injury & Rehab clinic in Oakville, InsideOut Physiotherapy & Wellness Group in Toronto, and currently HW Physiotherapy in Ottawa. My area of practice focuses on lymphedema, cancer rehabilitation, and orthopedics. I am certified as an authorizer for lymphedema management devices with the Assistive Devices Program (ADP).


Sara Quiring, PT

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