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It's Not About Coffee

On October 25, we were happy to announce a new item to our merch counter called care first coffee. Specifically, we have partnered with North Brew Coffee to import and roast our own signature coffee blend called “Twin Peaks Light Roast”. The beans are certified fair trade, organic and are roasted locally to ensure the freshest possible coffee. In the clinic we use our Jura C60 super automatic espresso machine to serve coffee to our under caffeinated clients. We are also inviting our clients to purchase a 1lb bag for themselves.

Make no mistake, the coffee is exceptional and we absolutely love sharing with our clients each and every day but … it’s not about the coffee. This new endeavor is far more a reflection of our corporate and personal values than meets the eye. Sure, we love our coffee and sure, we love sharing and offering a complimentary beverage to anyone who crosses our path. Truthfully, sharing and generosity are definitely a part of who we are. But, what we are really excited about is much more subtle. The Care First Coffee Program is actually designed as a community building tool that is going to support us in our ongoing objective of helping Ottawa South in becoming increasingly healthy, active and vibrant. We love this community and we want to play out part in seeing its people continue to flourish.

Each bag of Care First Coffee sold is going to work to support community development on three levels. The first 2 come by virtue of our partnership with North Brew Coffee. North Brew has partnered with Brazilian coffee growers to help support more humane working conditions and compensation for farmers and labourers. On top of their commitment to ethical sourcing, North Brew Coffee is a social enterprise that works to support local Ottawa homeless support programs. North Brew has committed to donating $1 from each bag sold. The final and most exciting aspect of care first coffee is that we will be donating $2 from each bag of care first coffee sold to the Care First Community Physio Fund. This fund exists to serve local, low-income athletes and new mothers who desperately require physio services but do not have access to independent health coverage nor can they afford to pay for the services themselves.

Long story short, Care First Coffee is not about coffee, it’s about building a better Barrhaven. We would love for you to come join us for a cup today.

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